Local award winning cookie dough

Finally cookie dough that’s safe to eat raw. Danny Tronca and Mario Corrente from award-winning cooking dough company Yummy Doh join Global’s…
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Results from SIAL Canada’s 16th edition

The 16th edition of the International Food Show (SIAL Canada) and the Equipment and Technology Sector (SET Canada) took place from April…
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Food Innovation Winners at the SIAL 2019 Show

One of my favourite food shows is SIAL – it’s the premier event for food innovation and food inspiration. Here are just…
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Pearl’s Top Picks from SIAL 2019

Pearl attended the 2019 SIAL Tradeshow in Toronto on May 1st and 2nd to check out the new products entering the market…
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Daily bite: SIAL Canada announces their 2019 SIAL Innovation award winners

Expect to see these cutting edge products in Canadian grocery stores very soon Last month, SIAL Canada announced the top ten finalists…
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[Sial Innovation 2019] Who Took the Grand-prize?

Silver Winning Congratulations to YUMMY DOH for its product RAW COOKIE DOUGH, which won the 2019 SIAL Innovation Silver Grand Prize! Why…
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