Cookie Dough-Stuffed Red Velvet Cupcakes

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees
• Prepare Red Velvet Cake mix and pour into 12 cup muffin pan. Cook and let cool thoroughly
• With pairing knife, cut a 1-inch cone out of each cupcake and pinch off the tip
• Fill holes with cookie dough and press tops onto cookie dough filling
• Spread or pipe on frosting, being sure to cover the seams
• Sprinkle with red edible glitter

Chunky Choco Banana
Banana-Oatmeal Energy Balls with Peanut Butter
Yummy Doh Small Border

Looking for a snack that’s easy to make, healthy, AND delicious? Look no further! These no-bake Energy Balls contain the perfect amount of oomph to help get you through your day!

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